The End

Certain Doubts will soon disappear from the blogosphere. It is still funded by Baylor, nearly three years after my departure, so it is not surprising that they have finally decided that funds are better used for other purposes.

I am posting this so that if there is information here that you’d like to have access to in the future, you will need to save that information now.

In closing, I’d like to thank all of you who commented, posted, and read the musings contained in this blog. It was an exhilarating experience for me for a number of years, and in recent times, blogs have declined in significance, as has CD. For me, though, the memories will remain, memories of wonderful conversations, promptings to re-consider and revise ideas, and connections formed that wouldn’t have formed otherwise. I am indebted to the audience for this blog, and grateful beyond any words I have to express.


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  1. This blog has been a great service to the profession. I have followed it since its inception and it has helped me to learn alot about a field in which I’m a relative novice.
    Thanks a million, John. (The Garden of Forking paths also lasted about 5 years–maybe that’s a ripe old age for a blog…)

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