The Default Certain Doubts Look

So, no more fiddling with themes.  The look I’ve used for the last four years is going to be the default look, but the theme switcher plugin will stay so that individual readers can modify if they so choose.  The decision to use the old standard is in part about branding and recognition, but a really big factor is that the comments function in this theme numbers the comments, which I find helpful (Keith pointed it out to me).  I can change the comments functions in the other themes to number as well, but it requires going from a “div” structure to an “ol”, which requires more codework than I want to take the time to do.  So the default is Connections Reloaded, with the switcher option for those who like one of the other looks.


The Default Certain Doubts Look — 2 Comments

  1. ‘Word press classic’ also numbers comments. Is there any way to make the ‘connections reloaded’ a bit wider? It seems a bit cramped, and the ‘tags’ footer for each post is enormous in both firefox and safari.

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