Thanks to Matt and Jeremy!

Lots of posts on their book on fallibilism, on fallibilist purism, on optionalism, on a Chisholmian perspective on the objects of epistemic appraisal, on rational-preferring-as-if, on -preferring-as-if, and on an account of the value of knowledge. We are now done with what I consider to be the main substance of the book for a course on pragmatic encroachment, so I expect there will be no more posts on the book, but I want to extend thanks to both Matt and Jeremy for their gracious comments on the posts! My graduate students have benefited immensely, and many of you will see refereeing requests for their work as a result.


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  1. Jon, thank you for the many excellent posts on our book! You’ve raised numerous points Jeremy and I need to think carefully about. I really enjoyed the back-and-forth in the comments, too.

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