Testimony is King!

Out of the more than 30 main entries posted to this point, the issue that has attracted the most attention, and by a wide margin, is the topic of testimony. The particular issue is whether there is any way to rescue the view through qualification that knowledge at the source is required for aquiring testimonial knowledge.

I know there is a new volume of essays on testimony edited by two of our contributors, Jennifer and Ernie. Maybe one of them can tell us some publication details as to when they’ll be available, and then we can have more rounds of useful discussion surrounding the volume! (Note that I’m not trying to close off current discussion by this remark.) I believe the volume is coming out with Oxford and is titled The Epistemology of Testimony, but I’m not sure when it is supposed to be available.

As a matter of general policy for the blog, shameless self-promotion by contributors is encouraged (if you don’t remember if you’re one, check the list in the sidebar). If you have midwestern sensibilities countermanding such, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to post the information.


Testimony is King! — 3 Comments

  1. The Epistemology of Testimony will include 11 new articles, will be published by OUP, and will most likley be out sometime next year.

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