Survey Regarding Introductory Logic

Wilfried Sieg of Carnegie Mellon along with Christian Schunn and Melissa Nelson of The University of Pittsburg have developed an online survey regarding introductory logic classes and are requesting that anyone who regularly teaches introductory logic (i.e., teaches a course covering an introduction to the syntax and semantics of sentential and predicate logic with identity, and a proof method) to please take a moment to visit the site and take the survey. Professor Seig writes:

One question is, which (if any) metamathematical issues are addressed; I am thinking, for example, of normal form theorems, truth-functional completeness, semantic completeness. We are most deeply interested in how the course is taught and whether technological tools are used.

This is part of a larger project investigating the effectiveness of different ways of teaching such a course; thus, our study should be of broad interest to the logical community.

Our survey is a first important step in this process. I expect that it should take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete it. If you have any question, please, feel free to contact me.

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