Summer Seminar on Understanding

Fordham University, New York City
June 20-21, 2016

Fordham University will host a two-day seminar on human understanding in Manhattan. Seven invited speakers will lead the seminar and discuss their work on understanding with 16 graduate students and junior faculty (no more than 10 years past the PhD).

We are holding open applications for these 16 spots. Accepted seminar participants will receive a $600 honorarium plus travel, daily meals, and accommodation.

Seminar themes include: the nature of understanding, varieties of understanding (e.g., moral, scientific, aesthetic, etc.), the value of understanding, early cognitive development, empathy and its relationship to understanding, the relationship between understanding and knowledge, verstehen and understanding in the social sciences, understanding and testimony, and other topics. Faculty guests include: Gordon Graham, Allan Hazlett, Alison Hills, Michael Strevens, Tania Lombrozo, and Deena Weisberg.

In addition to attending the two-day seminar, successful applicants are expected to attend our Capstone Conference in the three days immediately following the seminar (June 22-24, 2016). Capstone speakers include distinguished philosophers and psychologists such as Elizabeth Camp, Susan Carey, Richard Foley, Alison Gopnik, Jennifer Gosetti, Frank Keil, Ernest Sosa, and Linda Zagzebski.

For information on how to apply, please visit the website:

Direct all questions to Michael Hannon:

The seminar is made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

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