Summer Seminar on The Nature of Faith

Held in Columbia, MO, June 18-July 15, including an attractive financial package for participants (4K for a research project, 3K for housing, $750 for travel to and from the seminar, and $51/day for food). Seminar led by Kvanvig, Howard-Snyder, and Dougherty, with anticipated week-long visits by distinguished philosophers (at this point, tentative commitments from Keith DeRose, Dean Zimmerman, and Lara Buchak).

Further details below the fold.

Applications are solicited for twelve research proposals to engage in research projects on the nature of faith. Winners of research awards will participate in a collaborative research group consisting of the winners of the twelve awards, two post-doctoral research fellows working with this project on the Nature and Value of Faith, and will be led by Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Daniel Howard-Snyder, and Trent Dougherty.

The topic of the seminar, and the request for research proposals, includes issues such as whether faith is a cognitive state, an affective state, or something else; how faith relates to belief, and to hope, and to various positive character traits; whether there is a distinction between mundane faith and religious faith, and if so what the distinction is; what the relationship is between faith and central epistemic goods such as knowledge and understanding; whether faith is necessary for either wisdom or understanding; etc. This list is not meant to exhaustive, but merely indicative of some of the types of issues that can fruitfully be pursued within the scope of the project.

The research group will spend a month of intensive research at a seminar in Columbia, MO, June 18–July 15 of 2014. Participants will have the opportunity spend a month of intensive seminar work on the topic they propose with the aim of producing a publishable paper in the range of 8–10,000 words. The following fall, a major conference will be held which will include presentation of the results of the seminar, together with keynote addresses by the visiting faculty and project co-directors. Remuneration includes a $4000 research award, plus expenses for the seminar which include $3000 for housing, $750 for travel, and $72/day for food.

The application will consist of (i) a research proposal of no more than 5 pages, detailing the proposed research to be conducted and any relevant prior work related to it, (ii) a curriculum vita, and (iii) a cover letter. The evaluation committee will consist of the co-directors of the project, and the criteria for selection are demonstrated expertise in philosophy of religion or theology, with evidence of the ability to undertake significant research which will contribute to the aims of the project.

Baylor is a Baptist University affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. As an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer, Baylor encourages minorities, women, veterans, and persons with disabilities to apply.

Electronic applications may be sent to with “RFP Response” in the subject line.

The deadline is March 1, 2014.

More information about The Nature and Value of Faith project can be found here.

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