Success!!!! (I think…)

I think I fixed the problem with the comments. At least, I can post them now. The site doesn’t yet have all the information back, but I’ll add that back slowly after seeing that things are working again.

I think I need a raise; why should it be that the techies spend a week on this problem, trying my patience while I wait trusting in their abilities, only to find that it would have been best just to learn what I needed to learn to solve the problem myself… OK, I feel better now; it may be bitchin’ to you, but it’s catharsis to me!


Success!!!! (I think…) — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your hard work, Jon, not just on the recent problem but on the site generally. I learn just enough computer technology to do what I need and leave the rest to those who find machines, and not (just) arguments, intrinsically interesting. Here’s a trick that works quite well (especially here at UAH where high-tech saavy is common, even among liberal arts students). Instead of relying on the official IT office, I can get most of my computer problems fixed by able undergraduate philosophy students who actually find fixing such glitches fun. Of course, when they fail, you sometimes have a bit of explaining to do when the official guys come around! But that doesn’t happen very often. My best advice came from a former major who now works as the computer factotum at a local firm specializing in modeling complex hydraulic processes. Since he’s still a good friend, he bails me out when my home machine malfunctions.

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