Studia Logica FE Issue

Branden Fitelson has edited a very nice special issue of Studia Logica (subscription needed) devoted to formal epistemology.


Branden Fitelson, Introduction.
Igor Douven, Fitch’s Paradox and Probabilistic Antirealism.
Lina Eriksson and Alan Hájek, What Are Degrees of Belief?
Don Fallis, Attitudes Toward Epistemic Risk and the Value of Experiments.
Jim Hawthorne and David Makinson, The Quantitative/Qualitative Watershed for Rules of Uncertain Inference.
Franz Huber, The Consistency Argument for Ranking Functions.
Patrick Maher, Explication Defended.
Carl G. Wagner, The Smith-Walley Interpretation of Subjective Probability: An Appreciation.

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