Stats for November

Here are the stats for the month of November:
23, 468 hits
3,522 unique visitors for the month

The number of unique visitors for the month rose by about 10% for the month, while the number of hits stayed roughly the same.

Here are the top read posts for the month, for posts read at least 100 times:
308 The Perils of In-House Reviewing
272 Three most important developments in epistemology over the last quarter century
242 Ethical Internalism in Epistemology
234 The Truth Connection
217 Moral Realism and Epistemology
208 Goldberg’s Conjecture
200 Best Departments for Philosophical Training
190 Leiter Report top 6 in Epistemology
189 3-place and 2-place epistemic predicates
188 Testimonial knowledge
188 Polls Show that the Skeptic Is Right
181 An Interesting Case for Evidentialists
173 Best Philosophy Departments for Epistemology
169 Thoughts on Sosa and His Critics
153 Another argument for the JTB analysis
147 Free Willers and the Epistemology of Disagreement by Peers
135 A Variant on Moore’s Paradox?
125 Is Knowledge the Norm of Belief?
124 Knowledge as an indefeasible norm of assertion?
120 Openmindedness
119 Two kinds of pragmatic enroachment
119 Epistemic Noncogitivism and Minimalist Truth
117 Klein on Useful Falsehoods
116 A Little Meta-Theory on Sellars’ Problem
115 Epistemic Possibility
112 What the Contextualist REALLY Says about Disputes
101 Can Justification Just Fall Short of Knowledge?

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