Stats for May

Total pageviews for last month: 53,378, another new record.

Top-read posts for the month were:

1 Jim Hawthorne on the logic of nonmonotonic conditionals 1,674
2 Norms of Assertion and Constitutive Rules 1,669
3 Paradox vs. Surprise 1,641
4 The Logic of Appearing 884
5 The Value of Truth and the Disvalue of Pain 686
6 "Tall" Tales 673
7 Characterizing a Fogbank: What Is Postmodernism, and Why Do I Take Such a Dim View of it? 652
8 von Fintel and Gillies Against Relativism for Epistemic Modals 542
9 Against the "For an F" Myth: Drafts of Papers on Gradable Adjectives 464
10 Disagreement with Philosophical Superiors 358


Stats for May — 1 Comment

  1. Coherence seems to be treated as some sort of given
    from which probability is derived.
    But as with all givens what is given and what isn’t
    differs among folk. That is the nature of the given–
    it’s like a premise.
    And as with all premises there is no necessity to adopt
    any particular one over another if one is not so inclined–
    On such a flimsy basis is truth founded—-such that I
    see no difference between truth and what just shows up as
    compelling to one or another of us.

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