Special PQ Issue on Contextualism

The Philosophical Quarterly has a special issue (April 2005) on Contextualism that has just hit the shelves (at least here at the Yale library). Contents:

-Michael Brady & Duncan Pritchard: “Epistemological Contextualism: Problems and Prospects,” pp. 161-171
-Keith DeRose: “The Ordinary Language Basis for Contextualism and the New Invariantism,” pp. 172-198
-Stewart Cohen: “Knowledge, Speaker, and Subject,” pp. 199-212
-Timothy Williamson: “Contextualism, Subject-Sensitive Invariantism and Knowledge of Knowledge,” pp. 213-235
-Crispin Wright: “Contextualism and Scepticism: Even-Handedness, Factivity and Surreptitiously Raising Standards,” pp. 236-262
-Jessica Brown: “Adapt or Die: the Death of Invariantism?”, pp. 263-285
-Charles Travis: “A Sense of Occasion,” pp. 286-314
-Anthony Brueckner: “Contextualism, Hawthorne’s Invariantism and Third-Person Cases,” 315-318
-Jessica Brown: “Williamson on Luminosity and Contextualism,” pp. 319-327
-Tim Black: “Classic Invariantism, Relevance and Warranted Assertability Manoeuvres,” pp. 328-336
-Alan Millar: “Travis’ Sense of Occasion,” pp. 337-342

In addition, the Book Reviews for issue contains Adam Morton’s review of John Hawthorne’s Knowledge and Lotteries — which of course is also of interest to those who work on the topic.

This follows a couple of recent special big double-issues of other journals on the topic of contextualism:
Erkenntnis, Vol. 61, Nos. 2-3, November 2004
Philosophical Studies, vol. 119, Nos. 1-2, May 2004

All of this may constitute a bit of an overdose on the topic?


Special PQ Issue on Contextualism — 3 Comments

  1. To continue on the contextualist overdose, I am editing a special double-issue of Grazer Philosophische Studien on contextualism which is due to come out in July 2005! It contains papers by Peter Baumann, Tim Black&Peter Murphy, Jessica Brown, Igor Douven, Jesper Kallestrup, Krista Lawlor, Adam Leite, Ram Neta, Duncan Pritchard, Patrick Rysiew, René van Woudenberg, and myself.

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