Spaniards and Winnebagos

A New York Times blog post, Late Night Eating Linked to Weight Gain, reports on a study that linked daytime feeding of mice to weight gain (!). Okay, Mice are nocturnal, and the thinking is that there is a link between eating when you should be sleeping and getting fat. Even so, I was amused by this quote, although I withhold judgment on whether the scribe or the good doctor is responsible:

Dr. Turek notes that humans evolved from a situation where they ate and foraged between sunrise and sunset. “After sunset, there were no refrigerators, no food just hanging around,” he said. “You didn’t eat. But today, people eat most of their calories after sunset.”

Well, I hope when they finish with the mice and move on human beings that they will explain why Spaniards aren’t the size of Winnebagos.

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