Some More New Features

Two new features sort of in place now.

Those of you who want previews of your comments before submitting them, I’ve finally gotten the plugin to work that gives live previews. They appear as you type, right below the comment box into which you place your comment.

I also have a nifty archives page in place as well, with a drill-down feature so that you can select the year, the month, and then the post. Right now, it only works with the default theme, so if you like one of the other two, you’ll have to wait a bit until I get those fixed as well.


Some More New Features — 2 Comments

  1. I like the live preview feature. Any chance that you might install spam-karma or somesuch so that you can accept pings again? I rather liked following up where the posts here were being discussed…I think the kinks are now out of SK2, and if you need any help I’d be glad to give you a hand as I’m the author of some of its patches.

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