Talks: Slides and Videos

Sturgeon, Learning From Experience, Visual Episodes & Perceptual Rationality, Basic Epistemic Commitments, the Brown/Blackwell Lectures.
Wheeler, Coherence at Last.
Riggs, Openmindedness, Understanding, and Emotion
Henderson, On the Armchair Justification of Conceptually Grounded Necessary Truths
Greco, Episteme, Knowledge and Understanding
Fitelson, Knowledge from Falsehood
Sturgeon, Pollock & Defeasible Reasons, given at Pacific APA memorial session on Pollock.
Kvanvig, An Epistemic Theory of Creation, given at the joint UT/Baylor Philosophy of Religion Conference, University of Arkansas, University of South Alabama, Pacific Division APA.
Kvanvig, Perspectivalism and Reflective Ascent, given at University of Tennessee, University of South Alabama.
Kvanvig, A Game-Theoretic Attempt at the Value of Knowledge, given at USA Orange Beach.


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