Six-Month Anniversary

Today is the six-month anniversary of the blog. Using a bit of extrapolation from the period of time when I wasn’t collecting stats, it appears we have had about 115,000 hits since the beginning, with 163 posts and 1079 comments to this point.

More interesting to me is to note which posts have generated the most traffic, and here is a list of topics read more than 500 times (with times read listed first):

3169 Three most important developments in epistemology over the last quarter century
1104 Ethical Internalism in Epistemology
896 Evidence and propositions you’ve never considered
891 Testimonial knowledge
847 Polls Show that the Skeptic Is Right
817 Epistemic Noncogitivism and Minimalist Truth
716 Two kinds of pragmatic enroachment
639 The Truth Connection
638 Epistemic Modals, Relative Truth, and Contextualism
603 Best Departments for Philosophical Training
599 What the Contextualist REALLY Says about Disputes
599 Williamson, Contextualism, and Value-Driven Epistemology
593 Knowledge as an indefeasible norm of assertion?
571 Some Norms of Assertion
537 Best Philosophy Departments for Epistemology
536 Paradox vs. Surprise
534 A Little Meta-Theory on Sellars’ Problem
517 Is Knowledge the Norm of Belief?

I was going to include in this post a bit of analysis about what these numbers suggest, but I think I’ll put that off for now to see if others want to comment on what they see here.

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