September Stats

Total pageviews: 28,419.

Top views for the month:
1 Epistemology Dissertations? 656
2 Chisholm and Epistemic Obligations 534
3 Holistic vs. Linear Coherentism 346
4 Neta on Naturalized Epistemology 318
5 More on Rules and Principles 238
6 Jim Hawthorne on the logic of nonmonotonic conditionals 212
7 Are There Fundamental Epistemic Principles? 199

The number of views listed at the end of each line is a bit misleading. The stat package records a unique pageview for each entry, but only if that entry is the only page viewed during the visit. Otherwise, it classifies pageviews under a heading called “multiple views”.

Top referrers to the site in September were: Brian Weatherson’s TAR, David Chalmer’s Philosophical Weblogs Page, and Keith’s Epistemology Page.

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