Second call: Finding Foundations for Bounded and Adaptive Rationality


Finding Foundations for Bounded and Adaptive Rationality

Minds and Machines

Deadline May 15, 2013

Minds and Machines is pleased to invite extended abstracts for “Finding Foundations for Bounded and Adaptive Rationality,” a special issue edited by Ralph Hertwig and Arthur Paul Pedersen of the Center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

The special issue shall focus on philosophical issues related to research on bounded and adaptive decision making, inference, and belief, broadly construed.  The editors invite submissions addressing a wide range of issues which henceforth have received inadequate treatment or no treatment despite their significance for the foundations and methodology of research programs in normative and descriptive decision making, inference, and belief. The editors especially encourage submissions addressing issues arising for research programs which aim to rationalize decision strategies or inference patterns ostensibly violating putative norms of strategic or epistemic rationality.

For example, the editors encourage submissions concerned with whether and to what extent criteria can be delineated by which decisions, inferences, and beliefs are to be evaluated as rational in relation to an actor’s environment.  More generally, can a descriptive theory of bounded and adaptive decision making, inference, and/or belief be reconciled with a normative theory thereof? Conceptual clarity shall be especially encouraged (e.g., about an actor’s environment and the sense and scope of evaluations of rationality).

Anyone interested in contributing to the special issue must submit an extended abstract of one to three pages by  **May 15, 2013**.  The abstract is a *proposal* for a *full paper* the author thereby agrees to submit by  **January 15, 2014**  if his or her proposal has been approved by the editors of the special issue.  Each full paper will thereupon undergo peer review.

To encourage quality submissions and critical discussion, a workshop is to be held at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development prior to the submission deadline for full papers.  In addition to inviting scholars to speak at the workshop, some authors among those who have prepared approved proposals will be invited to deliver a lecture on his or her proposal.

A primary goal of the special issue is to foster exemplary critical interdisciplinary discussion about bounded and adaptive rationality serving a renewed and sustained philosophical interest from exceptional thinkers in an influential area of scientific inquiry.


*Deadline* for extended abstracts:  May 15, 2013.

To submit an extended abstract, follow the instructions at the website for submissions:

When prompted to choose an article type, select “SI: Finding Foundations.”


Inquiries may be directed to the e-mail address for the special issue:

Guest Editors.

Ralph Hertwig (

Arthur Paul Pedersen (

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