Reminder: 2014 Essay Prize for Young Scholars

The Spanish Philosophy journal teorema is pleased to announce an essay competition for young scholars. The winner will receive 1500€, and the essay will be published and acknowledged as winner in the journal.

Topic: Belief Without Evidence
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It is a commonly held thought in contemporary epistemology that belief is ruled by evidence; a thought that underlies claims as diverse as that what one generally believes, or what one ought to believe, or what is rational for one to believe, is a matter of the available evidence. As a result, the opposing thought that there is belief not ruled by evidence is neglected. However, according to a minority view exemplified by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s On certainty and Jose Ortega’s Ideas and beliefs, the nature, role and worth of many of our beliefs cannot be traced back to evidence. Has contemporary epistemology overlooked something important here? Should room be made for the notion of belief without evidence within current epistemology? If so, how?

Applicants must be under 35 on the closing date of the competition.

Entries must be in English or Spanish, and not exceed 8000 words in length, notes and references included.

All entries will be deemed submissions to teorema, and all quality submissions will be considered for publication. Entries must not have been published before, or be under consideration by other journals.

All entries, prepared for blind review, will be submitted electronically in .DOC format, and addressed to the Editor, indicating “teorema EssayPrize” in the subject heading.
Entries will be judged by a panel of reputed scholars appointed by teorema. Their decision will be final.
Address for submissions:
Closing date: 1st December, 2014

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