Recent Ethics of Belief Offerings

Over at the SEP, Andrew Chignell has a nice entry on the Ethics of Belief that went up about a month ago.  It is very well-organized, very crisp, clearly written, and with an extensive bibliography.  It made me want to teach a seminar on the ethics of belief!

Andrew, of course, is co-editor (with “the other Andrew” :-)) of God and the Ethics of Belief, which contains some very nice essays, including one of my favorite van Inwagen pieces (which is saying a lot!) and a very cool one by CD’s Keith DeRose.

And I just got the “Online First” version of my forthcoming article “Reducing Responsibility: An Evidentialist Account of Epistemic Blame” which argues that there’s nothing epistemic in (diachronic) epistemic irresponsibility, but, rather, it always just turns out to be a paradigm case of a moral failure.  I’m presenting it in a poster session at RoME, so if you’re interested but don’t want to invest the time to read the paper (Awe, c’mon!), then here’s a one-slide poster of it!  #shamelessselfpromotion

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