REC Papers Available; “Bamboozled” Update

The papers for the Rutgers Epistemology Conference are now available at the conference web site: They are:

Gilbert Harman, “The Problem of Induction”
Jennifer Lackey, “Learning from Words”
Keith DeRose, “‘Bamboozled by Our Own Words’: Semantic Blindness and Some Arguments Against Contextualism”
Elizabeth Fricker, “Knowledge from Trust in Testimony is Second-hand Knowledge”
Richard Fumerton, “Direct Realism”

My paper, “Bamboozled…”, has been modified a bit since the version that’s on the REC web site. (I’ve added a longish note (note #13) comparing my response to Schiffer’s objection to contextualist solutions to skepticism with Stewart Cohen’s response, and I’ve added an Appendix on a matter already discussed here in CERTAIN DOUBTS: the “Asymmetrical gap” approach to “one-way disputes”.) So those interested might prefer the more recent version at:
word format
pdf format

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