Progic 2007

Progic 2007 has just ended and was a great success. Thanks again to all who participated. To those who missed it, nearly all of the slides are now online and all of them warrant a look. Some highlights that might interest CD readers: David Makinson spoke on some wonderful work he and Jim Hawthorne have done on the relationships between quantitative and qualitative properties of weakened (non-monotone) entailment relations; Stephan Hartmann and Gabriella Pigozzi gave us a glimpse of the near-future in formal epistemology: aggregation of judgments and the problem of truth-tracking; Fabio Cozman gave a terrific talk on independence relations within probabilistic logic; and Gert de Cooman presented to us a true gem: a beautiful theory of belief structures based upon the theory of imprecise probabilities.

This brief note is a teaser, suggesting several entry points for reviewing the talks. A more thorough report is expected to appear in next month’s issue of The Reasoner.

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