Preview of Leiter Specialty Rankings in Epistemology

Most readers here will also be checking Brian Leiter’s blog, and so will have seen this preview of the rankings in epistemology. I’ll post them here as well, however, since they are so relevant to our interests (the number after each department is the median score for that department):


Group 1 (1) (mean of 5.0)
Rutgers University, New Brunswick (5.0)

Group 2 (2) (mean of 4.5)
Oxford University (4.5)

Group 3 (3-6) (mean of 4.0)
Brown University (4.0)
New York University (4.0)
Princeton University (4.0)
University of Notre Dame (4.0)

Group 4 (7-17) (mean of 3.5)
Arizona State University (3.0)
Columbia University (3.5)
University of Arizona (3.5)
University of California, Berkeley (3.5)
University of Massachussetts, Amherst (3.5)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (3.5)
University of Pittsburgh (4.0)
University of Rochester (3.5)
University of St. Andrews/University of Stirling Joint Program (3.5)
University of Washington, Seattle (3.5)
Yale University (3.5)

Group 5 (18-31) (mean of 3.0)
Australian National University (3.5)
Cambridge University (3.0)
Cornell University (3.25)
Indiana University, Bloomington (3.0)
Johns Hopkins University (3.0)
University College London (3.0)
University of California, Los Angeles (3.0)
University of Iowa (3.0)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2.5)
University of Missouri, Columbia (3.0)
University of Oklahoma, Norman (3.0)
University of St. Andrews (3.0)
University of Texas, Austin (3.0)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (3.0)

For more information on these rankings, see Brian’s site


Preview of Leiter Specialty Rankings in Epistemology — 1 Comment

  1. The list contains a mistake, if one didn’t know better. Rutgers is in the state of New Jersey, and so, there should be at least the letters NJ after New Brunswick, eh?

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