Postdoctoral & University Researcher positions in Helsinki

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies is an independent institute of the University of Helsinki which conducts cutting-edge research in the humanities, social sciences, law, behavioural sciences and theology, promotes interdisciplinary interaction, and supports international research cooperation.

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies invites applications for 8 – 12 Postdoctoral Researcher / University Researcher positions.

The electronic application will open on August 1, 2007 at 9 am (local Helsinki time). The application deadline is Wednesday, 12 September 2007, at 3.45 p.m. (local Helsinki time). At this hour the electronic application system will be closed. Late applications cannot be submitted. Decisions will be announced in the afternoon of 21 January 2008.

The term of office for successful applicants will begin on 1 August 2008. The monthly salary will depend on the assessed job demand level and personal work performance. The Board of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies will determine the length of the appointments for a fixed term of 1 – 3 years based on the research plan of each applicant.

Applicants best able to meet the requirements of the post will have a doctoral degree, previous research experience in the humanities and/or social sciences, and demonstrated ability for scientific work at an international level. The applicant must also demonstrate how she or he would participate in the multi- and cross-disciplinary cooperation practiced at the Collegium. The working language of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies is English.

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