Ponta Delgada Workshop on The Philosophy of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Philosophy of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
An ESF Workshop
September 7-10, 2011
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Portugal


Dennis Dieks (Utrecht)
Stephan Hartmann (Tilburg)
Gregory Wheeler (New University of Lisbon); local organizer

• Francisco Santos (CENTRIA – New University of Lisbon), Evolutionary Dynamics of Collective Action
• Leon Horsten (Bristol), The Scope and Limits of Mathematical Models in Philosophy of Science
• Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire & Oxford), Principles of Information Closure
• Hans Briegel (Innsbruck), Simulation, Computation, and (Quantum) Physics
• Ulrike Pompe (Stuttgart), Can Computer Simulations Finally Explain How the Brain Works?
• Franz Huber (Konstanz), How to Confirm Counterfactuals
• Choh Man Teng (CENTRIA – New University of Lisbon), Multiple Inference and Knowledge Discovery
• Gabriella Pigozzi (Dauphine), TBA
• Jesse Alama (CENTRIA – New University of Lisbon), Checking proofs
• Max Schlosshauer (Vienna), TBA
• Alexei Grinbaum (IRAMIS), Quantum Observer, Information Theory, and Kolmogorov Complexity.
• Igor Douven (Groningen), Updating on Conditionals
• Dennis Dieks (Utrecht), “Entropy and Probability in Physics and Information Theory”
• Thomas Mueller (Utrecht), “Agency and Intervention in Philosophy of Science and in AI”
• Kristina Liefke (Tilburg), “Using Types in Linguistics and Computer Science”
• Pieter Kok (Sheffield), “Precision Measurements and Computational Networks in Quantum Mechanics”
• Stephan Hartmann (Tilburg), Upper Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory
• Reinhard Kahle (CENTRIA – New University of Lisbon), TBA
• Earl Campbell (University College London), “Non-locality, a generalized Mermin Paradox and Measurement-based Quantum Computing
• Sonja Smets (Groningen), Logics for Reasoning about Quantum Information
• Sam Sanders (Tilburg), The Ghosts of Departed Quantites as the Soul of Computation
• Leszek Wroński (Jagiellonian), Parallels Between Modalities and Parallel Processing
• Gregory Wheeler (CENTRIA – New University of Lisbon), Coherence at last
• Guido Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen), Is Logic Empirical?

This workshop is sponsored by the European Science Foundation through the Philosophy of Science in Europe network program.

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