Philosopher’s Annual Selections of Top Articles of 2008

Fabrizio Cariani, Marc Pauly & Josh Snyder, “Decision Framing in Judgment Aggregation” from Synthese
Thomas Forster, “The Iterative Conception of Set” from the Review of Symbolic Logic
Tamar Szabó Gendler, “Alief and Belief” from the Journal of Philosophy
Daniel Jacobson, “Utilitarianism without Consequentialism: The Case of John Stuart Mill” from the Philosophical Review
Penelope Maddy, “How Applied Mathematics Became Pure” from the Review of Symbolic Logic
Cheryl Misak, “Experience, Narrative and Ethical Deliberation” from Ethics
Agustin Rayo, “Vague Representation” from Mind
Mark Schroeder, “How Expressivists Can and Should Solve their Problems with Negation” from Noûs
Michael G. Titelbaum, “The Relevance of Self-Locating Beliefs” from the Philosophical Review
Kai von Fintel & Anthony S. Gillies, “CIA Leaks” from the Philosophical Review

Editors: Patrick Grim, Nate Charlow, Ian C. Flora, Lina Jansson

Nominating Editors: Jason McKenzie Alexander, JC Beall, Ned Block, Tyler Burge, David Chalmers, Vere Chappell, David Christensen, Gregory Currie, David Danks, Keith DeRose, Michael Dickson, Adam Elga, Brandon Fitelson, Owen Flanagan, Marilyn Friedman, Alan Hajek, Ned Hall, Allen Hazen, Benj Hellie, Christopher Hitchcock, Tom Kelly, Joshua Knobe, Dan Korman, Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Brian Leiter, Martin Lin, Peter Ludlow, Ishani Maitra, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Sean Nichols, Daniel Nolan, Derek Pereboom, Jim Pryor, Greg Restall, Geoff Sayre-McCord, Richard Scheines, Mark Schroeder, Laura Schroeter, Michael Slote, J. Howard Sobel, Roy Sorensen, Peter Spirtes, Jason Stanley, Johan van Benthem, Mark van Roojen, Achille Varzi, Peter B. M. Vranas, Caroline West, Sam Wheeler, Jessica Wilson, Jim Woodward

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