Oxford Studies in Epistemology, vol. 1, Is Out

Link. Contents:

• Alexander Bird: Abductive Knowledge and Holmesian Inference
• James Cargile: The Fallacy of Epistemicism
• Hartry Field: Recent Debates about the A Priori
• Kit Fine: Our Knowledge of Mathematical Objects
• Joseph Halpern: Sleeping Beauty Reconsidered: Conditioning and Reflection in Asynchronous Systems
• Frank Keil: Doubt, Deference, and Deliberation: Understanding and Using the Division of Cognitive Labour
• Tom Kelly: The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement
• John MacFarlane: The Assessment Sensitivity of Knowledge Attributions
• Jonathan Schaffer: Contrastive Knowledge
• Stephen Schiffer: Paradox and the A Priori
• Brian Weatherson: Scepticism, Rationalism, and Externalism


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