Oxford Bibliographies Online: Topic Suggestions Welcome (Epistemological and otherwise)

The Philosophy Section of Oxford Bibliography Online (OBO) is about to begin Phase 3, and on behalf of the OBO (whose Philosophy editor is CD’s very own Duncan Pritchard, of the University of Edinburgh) I am writing to solicit input for topics that people would like to see covered.  Working under Duncan as the M&E subject-editor of the Philosophy section of the OBO, I am particularly interested in feedback on M&E-ish topics that are not already covered.  (For a list of those that have been published already, see here.  There are several dozen others that will be online soon.)  Feedback can be given to me privately, at s-goldberg@northwestern.edu, or else left here as part of the comment feed.  I especially welcome additional epistemological topics that CD readers would like to see covered.  Many thanks!

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