Organizing a Conference and Conference Management Freeware

I’ll be organizing somewhere between 1-3 conferences in 2011-2, and at least one of them will involve a call for abstracts.  Since I’ve never organized a conference before, does anyone have any useful advice?  I doubt I’m the only one preparing to organize a conference for the first time, so others will also benefit from any advice.  I have especial interest in answers to the following questions:

1. Does anyone have any experience using EasyChair, OpenConf, MyReview, or some other conference management freeware?  If so, do you have any thoughts?

2. Is receiving submissions over email sufficiently straightforward that it doesn’t even make sense to invest the time to learn one of these programs?


Organizing a Conference and Conference Management Freeware — 6 Comments

  1. I have not used MyReview, and I used OpenConf only a few times. EasyChair is now the default choice for conference systems in Computer Science, and I recommend it. The system is stable and there is now a large community of users, so it is pretty easy to find help.

  2. I haven’t used the payment system on the receiving end, but I have made conference payments without any troubles. I think I am conveying a majority view in CS that EasyChair has licked the conference software hosting problem.

    They also have their own LaTeX style file, for those who wish to publish proceedings. Here is an example. The text formatting is pretty, but I think the typesetting for mathematics isn’t quite there.

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