October Stats

Once again, we continue to experience growth in hits, last month the number being:
23, 916

This result is approximately a 20% increase over the number of hits in September. The number of unique visitors for the month continued to increase as well, by more than 33% over the month of September.

Here are the top-read posts for the month of October, including all posts read more than 100 times (number of times read listed first):
459 Some Norms of Assertion
365 Best Departments for Philosophical Training
319 Best Philosophy Departments for Epistemology
277 Three most important developments in epistemology over the last quarter century
264 MacFarlane on the norm of assertion
240 Knowledge and Practical Reasoning
215 What is safety?
211 Polls Show that the Skeptic Is Right
200 Gettier cases and the JTB analysis
199 Williamson, Contextualism, and Value-Driven Epistemology
190 Epistemic Possibility
180 Evidence and two-dimensional belief
175 Testimonial knowledge
173 Bayesian Confirmation Theory meets the Problem of Skeptical Alternatives
164 Ethical Internalism in Epistemology
161 Klein on Useful Falsehoods
147 Chisholm and the Epistemic Goal
146 Williamson’s Anti-Contextualism
129 Knowledge as an indefeasible norm of assertion?
129 Epistemic Noncogitivism and Minimalist Truth
128 Lotteries Without DIVISION?
118 Philosophers’ fallacies
117 Openmindedness
116 A Little Meta-Theory on Sellars’ Problem
110 The Truth Connection
109 Two kinds of pragmatic enroachment
106 The Significance of Useful Falsehoods
102 What the Contextualist REALLY Says about Disputes
101 Norms of Assertion and Constitutive Rules
100 DeRose’s Theory of Knowledge
100 Sosa’s Latest Safety Condition

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