OBO Philosophy: Resources for Epistemologists

The Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy resource will be launching soon. This publishes highly selective literature lists on topics within philosophy, written by experts in the field. As part of the launch edition there are a number of entries that will be of interest to epistemologists, including the following:

  • ‘Belief’, by Pascal Engel
  • ‘Coherentism’, by Jon Kvanvig
  • ‘Disjunctivism’, by Brit Brogaard
  • ‘Epistemology’, by Jermey Fantl, Matt McGrath & Ernest Sosa
  • ‘Evidence’, by Trent Dougherty
  • ‘Intutions’, by Jonathan Ichikawa &¬†Ernest Sosa
  • ‘Memory’, by Sven Bernecker & Aaron Bogart
  • ‘Religious Belief, Epistemology of’, by Duncan Pritchard (penultimate version available here)
  • ‘Rule-Following’, by Martin Kusch
  • ‘Self-Knowledge’, by Quassim Cassam
  • ‘Semantic Externalism’, by Sandy Goldberg
  • ‘Skepticism, Contemporary’, by Duncan Pritchard (penultimate version available here)
  • ‘Testimony, Epistemology of’, by J. A. Carter &¬†Duncan Pritchard (penultimate version available¬†here)
  • ‘Understanding’, by Stephen Grimm
  • ‘Virtue Epistemology’, by Ernest Sosa & John Turri
  • ‘Wisdom’, by Denis Whitcomb
  • ‘Wittgenstein: Later Works’, by Annalisa Coliva

The launch edition will be updated soon with lots more entries, including many on epistemological topics. (By the way, it’s of course far from ideal that there are just two female authors on the launch list of epistemology entries, but this doesn’t reflect the composition of the entries more generally, much less the epistemology entries once we get past the launch edition. For example, we have forthcoming entries on epistemology-related topics by, amongst others, Jennifer Lackey, Alessandra Tanesini, Anita Avrimades, Clare Batty, and Delia Graff Fara).


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