Northwestern Epistemology Brownbags for AY 2012-13

Northwestern’s Epistemology Brownbag series will be in its fourth year in Academic Year 2012-13.  For those epistemologists whose plans take you to Chicago on a Wednesday during the academic year, consider coming to present an epistemology paper of yours at our brownbag series.  If you are interested, please contact Northwestern epistemologist and graduate student Amy Floweree [] to let her know of your interest and your Chicago plans.

On behalf of the Philosophy Department at Northwestern, I want to offer my most sincere thanks to Matthew Mullins, who has been at the center of the Northwestern Epistemology Brownbag series from the very start.  Matthew will be handing over the administration of the series to Amy in AY 2012-13.  His tireless outreach efforts have enabled us to have many excellent epistemologists, from all over the world, present papers at our workshops in the past three years (see the schedules of the first year and the second year).  For this the Northwestern philosophical community and the Chicago-area epistemology community owe him a huge debt of gratitude.


Northwestern Epistemology Brownbags for AY 2012-13 — 2 Comments

  1. Eggs-actly on Matt, and grad student “workers-in-the-mines”.* They get no special reward, but just demonstrate a strong commitment and love for the work we all love. And if you have any sense, you’ll hire such people!

    *For those unfamiliar with the concern for mineworkers, pay attention to eastern orthodox liturgy. Hat tip to Terence Cuneo here, who has a nice book on epistemic normativity as well.

  2. Sandy and John, you are both too kind!

    Amy Floweree is a very able replacement and I hope plenty of readers will contact her to participate in the series.

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