Northwestern Epistemology Brownbag series for AY 2011-12

The Philosophy Department at Northwestern is pleased to announce the first draft of our third annual Epistemology Brownbag series for AY 2011-12.

We will also be having a one-day workshop on Group Epistemology, led by Professor Jennifer Lackey, on Monday, August 1.  More details will be posted on this blog as they arise.  In the meantime, those interested in attending should contact NU epistemology grad student Matthew Mullins at

A special kudos is due to Mullins, who came up with the idea for the Epistemology Brownbag series, who has run it very successfully for the past two years, and who will be retiring from running it at the end of the upcoming academic year (June 2012).  At that time he will be handing over the reigns to NU epistemology grad student Amy Flowerree.

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