New Page of Current Work in Presentation Slides

I’m adding a new page, with a link in the top bar and side bar, on new work in the form of presentation slides. I will add to the page as I get new pdf’s from contributors about presentations they’ve made, so if you have such, send it to me (or a link where you’ve got it posted).

The value here is that many of us now use slides when doing presentations, and much of our current work is available only in that format at present. So having a page, and linking posts to it as new info becomes available, will be valuable for all of us in keeping current on what others are working on.

UPDATE (6/24/11): Because of a high volume of requests to be included on the page, I’m going to have to impose some limitations. For example, APA colloquia presentations are not likely to be included, though I may make exceptions for special cases. I’m primarily interested in putting up videos and slides from contributors, though others are welcome (and welcome to be added as contributors if an active researcher in epistemology and holding a permanent post).

The page currently links to some of my presentations and one by Scott Sturgeon:

Kvanvig, An Epistemic Theory of Creation, given at the University of Texas, University of Arkansas, University of South Alabama, Pacific Division APA.
Sturgeon, Pollock & Defeasible Reasons, given at Pacific APA memorial session on Pollock.
Kvanvig, A Game-Theoretic Attempt at the Value of Knowledge, given at USA Orange Beach, University of Arkansas.
Kvanvig, Perspectivalism and Reflective Ascent, given in 2010-11 at University of Tennessee, University of South Alabama, University of Arkansas, Wake Forest.

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