New Page: Epistemology Course Slides

This past semester, I tried an experiment: I Beamer-ed up my entire epistemology course, so I thought I’d make the slides public. (For LaTeX-uninitiated, Beamer is a LaTeX class for creating slide presentations.) Some of the material on the slides is left cryptic, but for the most part, it is easy enough to decipher.

The page is listed in the right sidebar, and also in the top bar.

A note about the course: it is primarily a course for majors, at the upper-division level, but open to non-majors as well.

Oh, and kudos to you if the reference to “Bang a Gong” sets off a soundtrack in your head!


New Page: Epistemology Course Slides — 4 Comments

  1. Great slides!

    And of course, very very nice Beamer Themes (I wish I could make something the like for my research group and my department -but who knows)

  2. Thanks, Branden and thanks Greg for the link! Nothing like a suggestive song to get undergrads into another short-lived attention span…

    Damian, there’s lots of Beamer themes available, and once you find one you kind of like, you hack the code to customize!

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