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Thirteen newly commissioned papers are collected in a volume edited by me, Perspectives in Contemporary Epistemology, a special, fiftieth anniversary issue of the Brazilian journal Veritas (vol. 50, no. 4, December 2005, published by PUCRS in Porto Alegre). The publisher is now making the papers individually downloadable for free, in PDF format, here:

Some of the most influential philosophers in the field are among the


Fred Adams
Jonathan E. Adler
Anthony Brueckner
Julio Cesar Burdzinski
Elvo Clemente
Earl Conee
Richard Feldman
Tito Alencar Flores
Stephen Hetherington
Peter D. Klein
Jonathan Kvanvig
Alexandre Meyer Luz
Felipe M. Müller
Doris Olin
Roberto Hofmeister Pich


New Epistemology on the Web — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the post!

    I have been wondering for sometime as to how Peter Klein’s recent work on infinitism could accommodate his earlier work on the topic of certainty. In Certainty: A Refutation of Skepticism, Klein’s proposed model of justification was designed to be acceptable to both the foundationalist and coherentist. This account of justification was developed roughly 20 years before Klein’s began defending infinitism and thus infinitism was not addressed in the book.

    Klein’s list of publications on the web has not been updated since 2004 (, so it is likely I would have remained unaware of the existence of this paper, if you had not made this post.

    Thanks Again!

  2. My pleasure, Idris.

    Peter’s earlier work on certainty (including his much more recent work on the notion in the Routledge Encyclopedia) does not account for doxastic certainty — much less for how infinitism might accommodate doxastic certainty (which is arguably hard to conceive). But this new paper, he claims, shows that “infinitism’s solution to the regress problem employs a concept of comprehensive justification that incorporates a robust account of both propositional and doxastic certainty”.

    I bet you will find much to like elsewhere in the volume too.

  3. I’ve updated the link to the Veritas website above. The website is all in Portuguese now. (Don’t ask me why.) But it will still be easy for you to download the papers. Clicking on “resumo” will get you the abstract for that paper; “PDF” will get you the full text.

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