New Arché Project in Epistemology

Link here. The project, led by Jessica Brown, Duncan Pritchard, and Crispin Wright and running from January 2008 through December 2012 (their website has a typo regarding this date, I believe), has two basic components: one on basic knowledge and the other on relativism and contextualism. Among those who have agreed to participate pending AHRC funding, are: Martin Davies, Christopher Hookway, Jonathan Kvanvig, James Pryor, Ralph Wedgwood, and Tim Williamson.

When funded (I’m in an optimistic mood this morning, totally devoid of relevant information, however), this project will be, in my view, one of the most important developments in epistemology in recent memory. This may not even be hyperbolic: it will focus the greatest attention on epistemology in the UK in more than 50 years!

UPDATE: I know of a number of other epistemologists besides those listed above that have been invited to participate in the project, but don’t want to list their names without knowing whether they’ve accepted. If you’ve agreed to participate, or know of others who’ve agreed, please note it in the comments.

UPDATE: On the typo question, it turns out there are two separate plans being pursued for funding the basic knowledge component, and the website dates relate to the first one and do not involve any typo. The dates running through 2012 relate to the second plan which involves AHRC funding.


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