ND-NU Graduate Epistemology Conference April 15-16

The Philosophy Departments of Northwestern and Notre Dame are proud to announce the program for the second annual Notre Dame-Northwestern Graduate Epistemology Conference, taking place on the campus of Notre Dame on Friday and Saturday April 15-16.  The Keynote speaker is Ernie Sosa, Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University.  There will be a special section of the conference devoted to the epistemology of disagreement, including a roundtable discussion on the topic.

This comes at the end of a busy two weeks in the Northwestern department: as noted in a CD post last week, Oxford epistemologist Lizzie Fricker visits Northwestern from April 4-15 as Kreeger-Wolf Visiting Professor of Philosophy.  She will be discussing various issues in the epistemology of testimony, including the nature of assertion and epistemic trust.

If you find yourself in Chicago from the 4th-15th of April, or South Bend, IN, April 15-16, feel free to come by.

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