Foundationalism for modest infinitists

Here‘s a draft that might interest some folks here. The abstract:

Infinitists argue that their view outshines foundationalism because infinitism can, whereas foundationalism cannot, explain two of epistemic justification’s crucial features: it comes in degrees and it can be complete. I present four different ways that foundationalists could make sense of those two features of justification, thereby undermining the case for infinitism.


Foundationalism for modest infinitists — 2 Comments

  1. John,

    An interesting and challenging paper. I think infinitists have the tools to absorb the thoughts behind the foundationalist program. I’ve got a paper at SYNTHESE on it. Here’s the link:

    I think Fantl’s requirements (especially completeness) are not correct with regard to the epistemic (knowledge) objectives of our analysis of justification. However, he’s on the right track with an analysis of all of justification’s logical features.

    Your final meta-justificatory foundationalist strategy seems most promising (pp.8-9), and it seems one that infinitists themselves were toying with.

    I’ll have more detailed comments in the coming days.

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