Midwest Epistemology Workshop

Northwestern University will host the MIDWEST EPISTEMOLOGY WORKSHOP November 30 – December 1, 2007. It includes nine non-concurrent sessions by various midwestern epistemologists and a keynote talk to be given by Ernie Sosa.

This is the inaugural event for what we (Al Casullo, Jennifer Lackey, Baron Reed and myself) hope will become an annual workshop, aimed at fostering discussion among epistemologists of the Midwest, on topics of mutual interest. We envisage the annual meeting taking place at a different Midwestern department each year. The aim will be to include a wide range of Midwestern epistemologists as speakers at the annual workshop, and to continue to enhance a sense a community among epistemologists located in the Midwest. (Of course epistemologists from other regions are free to participate as well.)

For more details about the workshop, or to see the program or find information about local accommodations, please visit


In addition, feel free to contact me at s-goldberg@northwestern.edu

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