Midwest Epistemology Workshop: the next four years

Al Casullo and I are delighted to announce the venues for the next four Midwest Epistemology Workshops. They are as follows:

MEW3 (Fall 2009): St. Louis University (local organizer: John Greco).
MEW4 (Fall 2010): Purdue University (local organizer: Matthias Steup).
MEW5 (Fall 2011): University of Iowa (local organizer: Richard Fumerton).
MEW6 (Fall 2012): Indiana University (local organizers: Adam Leite and Jonathan Weinberg).

For additional information on MEW click here.

We want to thank everyone you for the support that you have provided for MEW over the past two years, which has exceeded our wildest expectations, and we look forward to seeing you at MEW3 or another future MEW event.

Sandy Goldberg


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