March Stats

Finally, I’ve fixed the problem with my stats package! What a pain. The problem was a piece of code in the function that called up the number of unique page views, and with google help and the fantastically helpful tech crowd on the internet, the new code is in place and all is well in our corner of the blogosphere.

So here’s some data for March:
Total Page Views: 32,288.

Top Read Posts:
667 Lehrer’s Pain/Itch Example
458 Fantl & McGrath’s EPC Principle
411 Five Books to Read from the Last Century
404 Arguments from Experience
398 Three most important developments in epistemology over the last quarter century
386 How Many Knowledge Relations are There?
368 Defeasible Consequences
335 Jim Hawthorne on the logic of nonmonotonic conditionals
311 Even more on Sellars’ Problem

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