Logic & Game Theory (LOFT 2006) CFP

LOFT 2006 Call for Papers

7th Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory

13 – 15 July, 2006, Liverpool, UK

This is the seventh in a series of conferences on the
applications of logical methods to foundational
issues in the theory of individual and interactive

The aim of the LOFT conferences is to promote exchange
across different disciplines. Preference is given to
papers which bring together the work and problems
of several fields, such as game and decision theory,
logic, computer science and artificial intelligence,
philosophy, cognitive psychology, mathematics and
mind sciences.

A selection of accepted papers will be invited for the Knowledge,
Rationality and Action
section of Synthese.

# Deadline for submission: 15 April, 2006
# Notification of acceptance: 28 May, 2006
# Camera Ready Copy: 28 June, 2006
# Conference: 13–15 July, 2006

Giacomo Bonanno (California, USA)
Wiebe van der Hoek (Liverpool, UK)
Michael Wooldridge (Liverpool, UK)


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