Leiter Report top 6 in Epistemology

Here’s a preview of the top 6 programs in epistemology for the not-yet-released Leiter report for 2004-2006:
Notre Dame

(As reported on Brian’s site here.)


Leiter Report top 6 in Epistemology — 4 Comments

  1. Rutgers came out clear #1 and Oxford clear #2. The other 4 are in alphabetical order tied for 3rd through 6th. There is a good group of schools for epistemology tied for 7th and after: students have lots of good choices for epistemology. Many of the strongest schools in epistemology are also strong in other areas that budding epistemologists are often interested in (eg, metaphysics, mind, logic), so a student can, if all else is equal or even if not, seek out a program with real strength in most/all of the student’s main areas of interest.

  2. Fritz is right. It’s just the normal alphabet, but “University of…” is left of Notre Dame, but still affects where Leiter alphabatizes it. That makes sense of a lot of otherwise puzzling orders in Leiter’s post. For instance, in Philosophy of Language, we get “MIT, NYU, Rutgers, UCLA, and Southern California are tops.” None are listed as #1, etc. What’s going on is that they’re listed in alphabetical order, but “Southern California” comes at the end because it’s the University of SC, even though the “University of…” is left out.

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