“Justification Revisited” Conference, Geneva

First call for papers:
“Justification Revisited”
March 25–27, 2010
University of Geneva,Switzerland

Episteme, the Epistemology Research Group at the University of Geneva website here

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Conference Theme

Post Gettier epistemology and the difficulty of analysing knowledge have often led to scepticism about the notion of justification. It has suggested that one should either move beyond justification or simply get rid of this notion within epistemology. But is the notion of justification useless ? The aim of this conference is to try to reformulate these questions and to try to assess the credentials and the chances of a theory of justification for contemporary epistemology
Some of the key questions and issues to be considered in this area include:
– Is there room for the notion of justification if knowledge turns out to be unalysable ?
– What are the relationships between epistemic justification and other kinds of justification (in particular in the ethical case)?
– Is the notion of justification hopelessly subjective?
– What are the relationships between evidence and justification ?
– How can we draw the line between internalist and externalist conceptions of justification?
-To what extent should the traditional debate between foundationalists and coherentists be thought of as standing at an impasse?

Keynote Speakers
Jessica Brown (University of St Andrews),
Richard Fumerton (University of Iowa),
Adam Leite (Indiana University)
Matthias Steup (Purdue University)
Jonathan Sutton (Auburn University)

We cordially invite you to submit a 500 word abstract on any topic relevant to the conference theme. Please prepare your abstract for anonymous review.
Abstracts may be submitted (as plain text, MS Word, Pages, or pdf files) to the following e-mail address: justificationrevisited@gmail.com

If you prefer to use regular mail please address your submission to:
Anne Meylan
Department of Philosophy
University of Geneva
5. rue de Candolle
1211 Genève 4

Abstracts should be submitted to the conference organizers by January 18th, 2010. Notification of acceptance / rejection: January 31st, 2010.

Financial Help
The three best submissions coming from Ph.D. students will be rewarded by having their travel and accommodation costs (at least partially) covered.

Should you have any query regarding this conference do not hesitate to contact the organization committee at the aforementioned email/regular addresses.
You can also visit the webpage of the conference

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