Journal Issue on Testimony

From Dan O’Brien, I learned of the following journal issue that may have escaped notice, with quite an impressive line-up of authors:

Philosophica (Philosophica 78: The Epistemology of Testimony),


Dan O’Brien, editor, ‘Introduction to the Epistemology of Testimony’
Duncan Pritchard, ‘A Defence of Quasi-Reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony’
Sanford Goldberg, ‘Testimony as Evidence’
Dan O’Brien, ‘Testimony, Engineered Knowledge and Internalism’
Elizabeth Fricker, ‘Martians and Meetings: Against Burge’s Neo-Kantian Apriorism about Testimony’
Robert Audi, ‘Testimony as an a Priori Basis of Acceptrance: Problems and Prospects’
Peter Graham, ‘Can Testimony Generate Knowledge?’

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