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I’ve added a new page to the right side bar containing all the journal information I have (gathered by me and Greg Wheeler). As before, caution is urged in the use of H- and G-numbers, and some suspicion is warranted for the rejection rate information as well. First, there is a temptation to report higher rejection rates to foster an appearance of quality, and the data themselves are not credible: too many journals report an exact 90% rejection rate, and the numbers are too often in increments of 5 percentage points. I’d bet we’re getting estimates at best, and enhancement as well. At any rate, the information may be of some use, so I’m making it a permanent page.


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  1. I just want to say, Jon and Greg, that in assembling this information about journals (and constantly tweaking it to make it more meaningful) you are doing a real service to the profession. I am sure people will agree with me when I tell you that it is greatly appreciated.


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