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I don’t have any students that I’m the main advisor for on the market this year, so I haven’t really checked this out in any detail. But a very quick look at the JFP would seem to indicate the job market has improved this year. Going by the on-line versions, these are the numbers from the October JFPs from recent years (year, U.S. jobs advertised, total jobs advertised):

2000: 290, 316
2001: 251, 284
2002: 251, 274
2003: 220, 254
2004: 279, 322
2005: 318, 363


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  1. Here’s to careful reading: while just glancing at your figures it appeared that the total number of philosophy positions in the U.S. for 2005 was 318,363! Wow, I thought, that is much, much better than I ever imagined the philosophy job market to ever be! Then I gave your post a more careful read. πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for the good news. Two further questions:

    1. Is there any way to find out (even roughly) how many job seekers there were in each of those years? The JFP numbers might not look so good if the number of job candidates has risen more than the number of openings.

    2. Any explanations (airchair or otherwise) for this upswing in available jobs? Or are these fluctuations not statistically significant?

  3. Greg: I don’t have the information you’re asking about in your 1. It’s possible that it’s in some relatively recent Proc & Addresses of the APA. Does anybody know? I’ve seen such stats in there before, but don’t know if they’ve done it recently.

    The APA web site has some such info (& access to this info isn’t limited to APA members), but it doesn’t get very recent. If you go to their site (, and on the left side of the main page click on “data” under the heading “profession,” you can click “Candidates per Job Advertised Statistics ’82-’01” & get the kind of stats you’re looking for, but not for recent years. 2002-2003 is the most recent year for which they have stats. (Why they say ’82-’01, I don’t know.)

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