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Hot on the heels of David Marrow and Chris Sula’s online jobs site Phylo, David Chalmers and David Bourget have recently launched Philjobs, an extension of their very successful PhilPapers project:

The PhilPapers team is pleased to announce a new online database of job ads in philosophy: PhilJobs. The database is to cover jobs in philosophy of all types from all over the world. It is searchable in many different ways (including AOS and geographic parameters). Search parameters can be saved and can be used to generate email alerts. Ads from PhilJobs will soon start appearing in PhilPapers’ content alerts and certain sections of the site. Posting and viewing ads on PhilJobs is free. David Chalmers has more details on the project here.

If you are advertising a job in philosophy, we encourage you to submit the advertisement to PhilJobs. If you are seeking a job in philosophy, we encourage you to search for jobs on the site. Any feedback would be welcome, either through the feedback form on the site or through posting on the PhilJobs discussion forum.

David Bourget (London)
David Chalmers (ANU, NYU)

Time will tell which of these sites will prevail, or whether another will emerge that is even better than these two. But we can all be grateful to Marrow, Sula, Bourget, and Chalmers for their considerable efforts to improve the workings of the philosophy job market. These two sites are a true service to the profession.

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