Jason Stanley’s influence in entomology

Jason posted earlier here, concerning pragmatic dimensions to knowledge. His post has come to be so influential that a significant number are now visiting our site by googling the term “enroachment”! Update: and I’m pleased to report that if you google “enroachment,” Jason’s post is the very first entry listed…


Jason Stanley’s influence in entomology — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, and there certainly could be more infestigation here of some locust classici, like the views of H.H. Lice.

  2. We shouldn’t forget that web metaphor, counterexamples about what katy did, how refutations make a theorist antsy, epistemic modals and the other uses of mites, the stopped clock that no longer ticks, more anthimeria when our students say epistemologists are borers, how fun it is to be a miner of linguistic data, and especially how much easier this is when our jiggers have been drained of Glenmorangie…

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